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State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources

XIANG Hua (Director)
Molecular Biology of Haloarchaea and Genome Editing

CHENG Yihua (Deputy Director) 
Microbial natural product biosynthesis and discovery

FU Yu (Deputy Director) 
Yeast Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
WU Bian  (Deputy Director) 
Computational Enzyme Design for Microbial Catalysis
HUANG Ying (Deputy Director)
Actinobacterial Systematics and Resource Exploitation
DONG Xiuzhu
Anaerobes Research Group
Hyperthermophilic Archaeal Genetic Mechanisms Laboratory

TAN Huarong
Molecular Biology of Streptomyces

LIU Shuangjiang
Environmental Microbiology Research Center

MA Yanhe
Laboratory of Extremophiles

DONG Zhiyang
Molecular Enzymology Research Group

LIU Zhipei
Environmental Microbial Biotechnology

Molecular Genetics and Resource Exploitation of Lactic Acid Bacteria

MA Lvyan
Biofilm Research Group

DU Wenbin
Analytical Microbiology Research Group

Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms Laboratory

HU Songnian 
Genomic Resources Mining Research Group

LI Defeng 
Structural Biology Research Group

GAO Shushan 
Microbial Natural Product Discovery and Biosynthesis Group
ZHENG Yanning 
Microbial Resources and Ecological Adaptation

PAN Guohui 
Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis and Synthetic Biology

WANG Weishan
Microbial elements mining and systematic metabolic engineering

State Key Laboratory of Mycology

CAI Lei (Director) 
Systematics and Evolution of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

GUO Liangdong (Deputy Director) 
The Research Group of Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi

LIU Hongwei (Deputy Director)
Chemistry Investigation on Secondary Metabolites of Edible and Medicinal Fungi and New drug development

WANG Linqi 
Human Fungal Pathogen Environmental Adaptation Group

HUANG Guanghua (Deputy Director)
Candida albicans Functional Genomics Research Group

WEI Jiangchun
Research Group of Lichen Biology

ZHENG Ruyong
Systematics and Resources of Zygomycotan

ZHUANG Wenying
Systematics of ascomycetes (cup- and nectriaceous fungi)

LIU Xingzhong
Fungal Evolutionary Biology Lab

BAI Fengyan
Systematics and Evolutionary Biology of Yeasts

YAO Yijian
Biology of Economically Important Macrofungi

JIN Cheng

LIU Gang
Fungal Secondary Metabolism and Regulation Research Group

LI Shaojie
Fungi and Green Agriculture Research Group
JIANG Xuejun
Laboratory of Functional Study on Fungal Secondary Metabolites

 YIN Wenbing
 Synthetic Biology on Fungal Natural Product Research Center

DONG Caihong
Biology of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms
ZHAO Ruilin
Systematic and biological research on mushrooms
Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics
 LIU Xiao  LIU Ling
GAO Cheng ZHOU Liwei    

CAS Key laboratory of Microbial Physiological and Metabolic Engineering

TAO Yong (Director)
 Laboratory of Microbial Metabolic Engineering and Biocatalyst

TANG Shuangyan (Deputy Director)
Protein Engineering and Microbial Enzymes Applications

 YU Bo (Deputy Director)
 Group of Extremophiles and Industrial Synthetic Biotechnology
LI Yin
Laboratory of Molecular Physiology and Metabolic Engineering

 DING Jiuyuan
 Microbial Metabolic Regulation and Metabolic Engineering

YAN Jinhua
Group of vaccine design and antibody engineering
HE Xiuping
Group of Molecular Genetics and Physiological & Metabolic Engineering of Yeast
WU Bian
Computational Enzyme Design for Microbial Catalysis
 WANG Luoyi Li Ming
Microbial Immune System and Gene Editing Technology 

State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics(Co-established with

Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)

 FANG Rongxiang(Director)
 Regulation of Gene Expression and Plant Biotechnology

 KONG Zhaosheng(Deputy Director)
 Cytoskeletal regulation of plant cell morphogenesis and immune response

 YE Jian(Deputy Director)
 Plant Immunity against Insect-Borne Viral Diseases

 Laboratory of Infectious Mechanisms of Plant Pathogens

 XIA Guixian
 Plant Molecular Biology Lab

 GUO Huishan
 Molecular Mechanism of RNA Silence and Disease Resistance in Plant

 QIU Jinlong
 Plant Disease Resistance and Biotechnology

 LIU Jun
 Plant and Microbe Molecular Interactions

 JIA Yantao
 Plant-Pathogen Interkingdom Signaling
 Molecular mechanisms of plant immunity

 Virus-Insect Vector-Plant-Microbiome Multi-Interface Biological

 YAN Yongsheng
 Plant Nutrition and Microbiota


CAS Key laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology & Immunology

GAO Fu(Director)
Enveloped Viruses & Structural Immunology

LIU Wenjun(Deputy Director)
Viral Infection and Biological Pharmacy Research Center

SHI Yi(Deputy Director)
Regulation of Pathogen Infection & Immune Recognition

YE Xin
Viral Replication and Cell Cycle Regulation

WEN Tingyi
Important biological agents biosynthesis and metabolic regulation

ZHU Baoli
Center of Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics

MENG Songdong
Regulation of T Cell Immunity

CHEN Jilong LI Xuebing
Chemical Glycobiology and Antivirals Lab

Treg Research Group

WANG Beinan
T cell Responses to Bacterial Infection

ZHANG Fuping
T Cell Differentiation and Transcription Regulation Research Lab

Infectious diseases and Immunosenescence research group

LIU Cuihua
Molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and drug resistance in pathogenic bacteria


Bioinformatics and computational biology

MI Kaixia
Microbial Drug Resistance Group

QI Jianxun
Laboratory of Structural Biology in Pathogenic Microbe

WANG Shuo DENG Tao BI Yuhai
Early-warning and pathogenic mechanism of novel virus
WANG Qihui DAI Lianpan    

The Center for Microbial Resource and Big Data

MA Juncai (Director)

 ZHOU yuguang (Deputy Director) CAI Lei (Principal Scientist)
HU Songnian(Technical Director)        

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