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Research Divisions

Biological Resources Center Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Biological Resource Center, Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS-BRC) has been set up by integrating the China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center (CGMCC), the microbial resources part of IMCAS Information Center with the newly developed high-throughput...


State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources (SKLMR)
The SKLMR conducts basic and application-oriented researches on microbial resources and their biotechnological exploitation, with emphasis on the following aspects: 1) collection, evaluation and ecological functions of microbial resources; 2) biology and adaptive mechanisms of extremophiles; 3) biosynthesis and metabolic regulation of microbial bioactive substances; 4) microbial biocatalysis and bioconversion.


State Key Laboratory of Mycology
(1) Fungal resource research platforms including culture collection, herbarium, metabolites and gene libraries and databases; (2) Biodiversity, systematics and evolution of fungi; (3) Community and ecological function of fungi and their interactions with other organisms; (4) Genetics and molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis and pathogenicity of fungi; and (5) Fungal chemistry, bioactive metabolites and their biosynthesis pathways and regulation.

State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics(Co-established with Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Department of Agricultural Microbiology and Biotechnology (AMB) is one of the five departments affiliated to Institute of Microbiology (IM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The majority of research groups also belong to State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics (SKLPG) which was jointly formed with laboratories from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS in 2003. SKLPG has been marked as “Excellent Laboratory” by national evaluation held in 2006 and 2011.


CAS Key Laboratory of Microbial Physiological and Metabolic Engineering
The orientation of key laboratory is applied basic research in microbial biotechnology, focusing on industrial microbial physiology and regulation of metabolism, the reconstruction and optimization of biosynthesis pathway and physiological adaptation functionalities. Its three research directions are molecular genetics and efficient genetic manipulation systems, molecular enzyme engineering and new biocatalytic process, and molecular physiology and advanced metabolic engineering. Its objectives focus on the development of new technologies and new methods towards microbial physiological engineering and metabolic engineering, developing the next generation of strains and whole-cell catalysts with predominate industrial performance.

CAS Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology & Immunology
To meet the needs of the national strategic demands, the CAS laboratory focuses on pathogenic microbiology and immunology, providing the forwardlooking technology and theory for the development of therapeutic drugs and vaccines of infectious diseases. The specific aims are to explore the evolution and pathogenesis of the emerging/re-emerging pathogens, and understand the mechanisms of interspecies transmission of viral pathogens and the interaction between pathogen and host cells, and infection and T/NK cell immunity, and develop novel therapeutic agents for influenza virus, HBV, HIV, TB and other pathogens.

  Technology Development and Transfer Center (TDTC)
Facing national and local needs on microbes-based biotechnology, the Technology Transfer Center develops advanced technologies and promotes the transformation and industrialization of the mature technologies. The center’s objectives are to speed up innovations (including technical, institutional and managerial innovations) and to promote the industrial development of microbiology technology. The center has administrative function as part of central functions in order to serve the R&D process, enhance influence in microbiology areas and strengthen cooperation with local enterprises.
Institute Of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences
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