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· IMCAS Honored Outstanding Contributions on Scientific Popularization for Anti-epidemic Work [2021-05-13]
· EMA Issues Advice on Lilly's Etesevimab (LY-CoV016) Developed by IMCAS and Junshi Biosciences together with Bamlanivimab (LY-CoV555) for the treatment of COVID-19 in EU [2021-03-15]
· SHI Yi Awarded “Innovators Under 35 in China” for 2020 [2020-12-14]
· IMCAS Holds Unblinding Meeting of Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Recombinant Subunit Vaccines for COVID-19 [2020-11-06]
· 2020 Gaochun Summit for Biomedicine and Health Industry [2020-10-27]
· Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Between the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Vaccine & Serum Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences [2020-09-07]
· [Chemical & Engineering News]Enzyme screen unlocks easier route to 2-ketoacids [2020-08-10]
· [CHINA DAILY] Vaccine enters phase 3 trial [2020-07-01]
Research Progress
· Scientists revealed that M. tuberculosis protein kinase G impairs host immunity by acting as an unusual ubiquitinating enzyme [2021-05-03]
· CAS Scientists Reveal Arbovirus adaptation of plant light signaling to Favor Disease Spread [2021-01-13]
· Scientists reveal the entry mechanism of KSHV and EBV [2020-12-02]
· Dr. Cui Hua Liu's group reveals pathogenic links and molecular markers for pulmonary tuberculosis, adenocarcinoma and sarcoidosis [2020-10-26]
· Scientists identified GC376 and Boceprevir can inhibit SARS-CoV-2 [2020-09-14]
· Scientists reveal a plant DNA virus hijacking a host E3 ligase to escape epigenetic silencing [2020-08-17]
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