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· George Fu Gao Wins 2014’s CAS Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize [2015-02-09]
· IMCAS Held 2014 Annual Academic Symposium [2014-12-31]
· CASCIRE established in IMCAS [2014-12-31]
· 2014 TWAS Symposium on Industrial Biotechnology Held in Beijing [2014-10-21]
· IMCAS Held 2014 Postgraduate Ceremony [2014-07-02]
· TWAS Program Officer Lucilla Spini Visits IMCAS [2014-06-06]
· Institute of Microbiology signed the MoU to cooperate with University of Minho [2014-05-28]
· Academician George Fu Gao Receives Nikkei Asia Prize [2014-05-23]
Research Progress
· Scientists Find a Plant Genome Origin of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Satellite RNA [2015-03-31]
· Dr. Cui Hua Liu's group revealed novel mechanism by which M. tuberculosis subverts host innate immunity [2015-03-25]
· Researchers Elucidates the D-Gulosamine Biosynthetic Mechanism of Streptothricins [2015-03-24]
· Institute of Microbiology youth group identified a novel regulator in plant immune signaling [2015-03-18]
· Bacterial Co-infection with Influenza Viral Causes Novel Mechanism of Pneumonia [2015-01-12]
· Geminiviruses Hijack Plant Multifunctional MYC Oncoprotein to Build Brotherhood Between Insect Pests and Insect-dispersed Virus [2014-12-15]
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Societies & Publications
Institute Of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences
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