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· Chinese scientists link male infertility to Zika [2016-11-23]
· China Releases First Report on Biotechnology in Developing Countries [2016-11-14]
· Science strengths drawing Belt, Road students [2016-11-04]
· China nurtures scientists for "Belt and Road" countries [2016-11-01]
· IMCAS Holds “China-Germany Symposium on Microbial Chemotaxis and Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutants” [2016-10-25]
· IMCAS is Holder of Next ANRRC Meeting [2016-10-10]
· WDCM Released First Microbial Resource Development Report for China [2016-09-07]
· China boosts microbe research [2016-09-07]
Research Progress
· Zika virus infections can lead to male infertility in mice: a pioneering, collaborative study by the research groups of Professors George Fu Gao (CAS) and Prof. LI Xiangdong (CAU) [2016-11-22]
· IMCAS and Peking iGEM Team Develop a Novel in vitro Pathogen Detection System [2016-11-10]
· Researchers Reveal a Host Restriction Factor against Mycobacterial Infection [2016-11-01]
· Scientists Find New Model of Interaction Between Virus and Host [2016-10-24]
· Chinese Scientists Unravel Cotton Defense against “Cotton Cancer” Disease [2016-09-30]
· Scientists find an extended membrane association interface in Zika virus NS1 structure [2016-09-13]
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