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· Delegates from World Biosphere Reserve Visits IMCAS [2017-08-11]
· RIKEN Delegation Visits IMCAS [2017-07-19]
· Institute of Microbiology Holds 2017 Graduation Ceremony [2017-07-06]
· State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources Holds Scholarship Award Meeting [2017-06-29]
· Beijing Holds a Meeting for the Executive Committee of TWAS Young Affiliates Network [2017-06-19]
· 2016 Food Biotechnology Training Courses for Developing Countries First Held in Thailand [2016-12-27]
· Young Scientists from IMCAS Organize and Participate in China’s First National Biofilm Symposium [2016-12-08]
· IMCAS Holds the Fifth National Microbiology Postgraduate and Post Doctorate Academic Forum [2016-12-06]
Research Progress
· Dr. Cui Hua Liu's group revealed that M. tuberculosis PtpA enters the nucleus of host cells, affects the expression of host genes, and promotes cell proliferation [2017-08-16]
· Researchers Develop an Insulation-based Strategy that Enable the Precise Design of Genetic Circuits [2017-07-17]
· Ranking Fungi Using Divergence Times and towards Standardizing Taxonomic System of Basidiomycota [2017-07-10]
· Study Shows Cyclophilin A-regulated Ubiquitination Is Critical for RIG-I-mediated Antiviral Immune Responses [2017-06-29]
· Scientists Discover a Nuclear-localized Effector from Plant Vascular Fungus Verticillium dahliae [2017-04-18]
· Oxidative Stress Regulatory Mechanism in Streptococci: Metalloregulator MntR Functions as Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor [2017-04-13]
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