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· CASCIRE Contributes to Control and Prevention of Influenza Outbreaks from Migratory Birds [2015-09-14]
· IMCAS Holds Potato High-yield TechConnect Conference [2015-09-09]
· “Workshop on fungal taxonomy and nomenclature (II)” was successfully held in Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences [2015-09-02]
· IMCAS Held Graduation Ceremony & Awarding Ceremony of Institute chief Award, Teaching Award [2015-07-16]
· China, US spearhead MERS fight——Academician Gao Fu was interviewed by China Daily [2015-06-17]
· An important contribution made by the Center for Influenza Research and Early-warning (CASCIRE) to the control of an outbreak with avian influenza virus in whooper swans [2015-06-12]
· Scientists of IMCAS Interviewed by China Science Daily on issues related to MERS [2015-06-09]
· IMCAS Initiated “One Belt and One Road” for Microbial Resources and Research Network [2015-06-04]
Research Progress
· IMCAS Scientists Develops a Humanized Neutralizing Antibody against MERS-CoV [2015-09-25]
· IMCAS Scientists Design Universal Synthetic Modular Regulatory Elements to Unlock the Microbial Natural Products in Streptomyces [2015-09-18]
· Scientists at IMCAS Develops an One-step large-gene-cluster cloning method (CATCH) [2015-09-09]
· Scientists Find Mechanisms Underlining Trichome Cell Shape Determination [2015-09-01]
· Researcher engineered Escherichia coli into an efficient whole cell catalyst of penicillin G [2015-08-12]
· Significant progresses made in the kinamycin biosynthesis [2015-07-16]
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