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Research Progress
· Research Assistant Vacancies in China-Japan Joint Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Molecula... [2016-04-28]
· Scientists Identify Differential Roles of NK Cells Against Influenza Virus Infection [2016-04-06]
· Scientists Find a New Target of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection-induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tr... [2016-03-24]
· Scientists Apply HIGS in Crop Protection Against Vascular Wilt Disease [2016-03-14]
· Scientists Identify Climate Factors Relating to Human Infection with Avian Influenza A Viruses [2016-01-28]
· Chinese Scientists Make Breakthrough in Ebola Virus [2016-01-15]
· A Latency Protein USP Increases INH Susceptibility in Mycobacteria [2015-12-23]
· Differential roles of hemerythrin-like proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis [2015-12-18]
· Chemistry in Mold Reveals Important Clue for Pharmaceuticals [2015-11-11]
· Geminivirus Hijacks Host Cytosol RNA Decay to Promote Virus Replication [2015-11-04]
· IMCAS Scientists Develops a Humanized Neutralizing Antibody against MERS-CoV [2015-09-25]
· IMCAS Scientists Design Universal Synthetic Modular Regulatory Elements to Unlock the Microbial N... [2015-09-18]
· Scientists at IMCAS Develops an One-step large-gene-cluster cloning method (CATCH) [2015-09-09]
· Scientists Find Mechanisms Underlining Trichome Cell Shape Determination [2015-09-01]
· Researcher engineered Escherichia coli into an efficient whole cell catalyst of penicillin G [2015-08-12]
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