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Research Progress
· Cell Membrane gp96 is a Novel Target against Liver Cancer [2015-04-23]
· Scientists Developed a High-throughput Screening Technique for 1-Dexoxynojirimycin [2015-04-10]
· Scientists Find a Plant Genome Origin of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Satellite RNA [2015-03-31]
· Dr. Cui Hua Liu's group revealed novel mechanism by which M. tuberculosis subverts host innate im... [2015-03-25]
· Researchers Elucidates the D-Gulosamine Biosynthetic Mechanism of Streptothricins [2015-03-24]
· Institute of Microbiology youth group identified a novel regulator in plant immune signaling [2015-03-18]
· Bacterial Co-infection with Influenza Viral Causes Novel Mechanism of Pneumonia [2015-01-12]
· Geminiviruses Hijack Plant Multifunctional MYC Oncoprotein to Build Brotherhood Between Insect Pe... [2014-12-15]
· Scientists Find New Mechanism Underlying Establishment of Plant Cortical Microtubules [2014-11-20]
· Scientists Discover New Evidence for Bat-origin of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus [2014-09-16]
· Novel Antibiotic Resistance Gene Widely Distributed in Bacillus cereus Group [2014-09-09]
· Researchers at IMCAS Provide Insights into the Major Drug Target of H7N9 Human Infecting Influenz... [2013-11-15]
· Three is Better than Two, for Suffered Bacteria Live under Stress [2013-10-11]
· Study Provides Comprehensive Overview of the Antibiotic Resistance Gene Reservoir in the Human Gu... [2013-08-27]
· Receptor-recognition Mechanism of the Newly Emergent Coronavirus MERS-CoV Determined [2013-07-15]
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