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Int’l Cooperation News
· Microbial Ecology at the Frontier of Host Ecology, Evolution and Health [2014-12-19]
· Yeast glycolytic oscillations: experiments and detailed kinetic modelling of single cells and syn... [2014-11-21]
· Mechanisms of vertebrate DNA replication and repair [2014-10-23]
· Impact of Wolbachia bacterial endosymbionts on the evolution of sex determination in its crustace... [2014-08-22]
· Genetically targeted microfluidic cultivation validated by isolation of a “Most Wanted” microbe... [2014-07-02]
· Bacterial Multi-drug efflux pumps: more than just pumping antibiotics [2013-12-25]
· Sugar coating the bacterial cell surface–biosynthesis of LPS and its importance on cell function... [2013-12-05]
· 1. The microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of soil drying and re-wetting; 2. The architecture o... [2013-11-18]
· A system view of water bacteriological quality management: the impact of soil, sediment/sand, and... [2013-10-16]
· Natural Products Biosynthesis. Engineering and Drug Discovery. [2013-09-12]
· Population genetics and mating type gene evolution of fungi associated with the mountain pine beetle [2013-08-29]
· Utility of biodiversity research and metabolomics in the search for novel bioactive compounds fro... [2013-08-29]
· Modeling and simulation of biofilm dynamics using complex fluid models [2013-07-16]
· Structural Basis of Metal Allergies [2013-07-10]
· Interfering the expression of insect genes potentially involved in vector transmission of plant v... [2013-07-09]
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