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Int’l Cooperation News
· Regulation of tumor metastasis by ganglioside GD1a in mouse osteosarcoma FBJ cells: NOS2 is regul... [2011-04-15]
· RNAi gene therapy for HBV and lung caner [2011-04-14]
· Regulatory network of virulence factor production in phytopathogen Xanthomonas [2011-04-14]
· Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection and biofilm - experience from cystic fibrosis patients [2011-04-11]
· Biosynthetic assembly-lines for polyketide drugs [2011-04-08]
· Angucycline biosynthesis: from gene detection to enzymatic synthesis of novel metabolites [2011-04-07]
· Unraveling the Mechanisms of Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Resistance to a Viral Disease [2011-04-01]
· Roles of Novel Factors in Prostate Cancer [2011-03-30]
· Terephthalate degradation through multiple syntrophic interactions revealed by metagenomic and me... [2011-03-21]
· Genetics and Immunology of Narcolepsy [2011-03-11]
· Mediating DNA damage response pathway and cancer [2011-03-10]
· Aminocoumarin Antibiotics: Biosynthesis and Biotechnology [2011-03-09]
· High molecular discriminating RNA aptamers against the newly emerging influenza viruses [2011-03-08]
· High Strain-Resolution of the CV-Tree Approach to Prokaryotic Phylogeny [2011-03-07]
· Cultivating Truffles [2011-03-03]
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