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Applied and Industrial Microbiology
CAS Key Laboratory of Microbial Physiological and Metabolic Engineering
State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics(Co-established with Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
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CAS Key Laboratory of Microbial Physiological and Metabolic Engineering
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CAS Key Laboratory of Microbial Physiological and Metabolic Engineering, affiliated to Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS), were founded in April, 2013. The orientation of key laboratory is applied basic research in microbial biotechnology, focusing on industrial microbial physiology and regulation of metabolism, the reconstruction and optimization of biosynthesis pathway and physiological adaptation functionalities. Its three research directions are molecular genetics and efficient genetic manipulation systems, molecular enzyme engineering and new biocatalytic process, and molecular physiology and advanced metabolic engineering. Its objectives focus on the development of new technologies and new methods towards microbial physiological engineering and metabolic engineering, developing the next generation of strains and whole-cell catalysts with predominate industrial performance.

Director: Yin LI

Principal Investigators:

Yin LI        Molecular Physiology and Systems Biotechnology

Tingyi WEN             Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology of Industrial Microbes

Shuangyan TANG    Protein Engineering and Microbial Enzyme Applications

Yong TAO              Microbial Metabolic Engineering and Biocatalyst Development

Borun ZHANG       Molecular Genetics and Breeding of Yeast

Jiuyuan Ding      Microbial Metabolic Regulation and Metabolic Engineering

Chunbo LOU          Synthetic Biology Tools for Industrial Microbiology

Kun ZHU               Metabolism of Bacteria Fatty Acid and its Derivatives 


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