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IMCAS Hosts 14th Public Science Day
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The Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS) was open to bring everyone to explore a mysterious microbial world on May 19.

It cannot be seen or touched, but everyone can feel it all the time. What's this? Is it air? People were talking about a mysterious creature - microbe rather than air. The microbe is the latest to be known by human beings in the living world, which is a kind of mysterious creature to be known least by people, even though they are so little, they have meritorious deeds never to be obliterated for the human evolution even the earth development, a great microbiologist, Pasteur said that the microbe was the smallest life but had the biggest action".

Focusing on the topic of "knowing about microbe - creating new life", IMCAS arranged a interesting scientific activities on the public open day.

Before 9 o'clock in the morning, a long queue appeared outside the institute. How to  use the microscope and anatomical lens for observation, how to manually make bread and sour milk, how to know about virulent bacteria and virus, the children proposed various questions to the scientists one after another, for example: was the XX cordyceps changed from an insect to grass? What does the microbe eat? Why the bread is moldy? How does the mushroom grow out without seed? Scientists patiently and carefully answered the children's questions with simple and easy words.

From morning to afternoon, nearly two thousand people came to the institute to join in the activities of public day. The activities exhibited a mysterious microbial world, and also opened a new window for the public to know about this mysterious invisible world.

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