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[Xinhua News Agency] Innovation of China's Amino Acid Industry Pattern Transfer for High-end Technology Resources of Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences
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    According to Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 13th October,2017(reporter Dong Ruifeng), Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences transferred -alanine strain patent technology to an enterprise in related field on 12th October, and established the Joint Laboratory for Biomedicine, to accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and make up for disadvantages of innovation in related industry through high-end science and technology resources.

Amino acid products are widely used in feed, medicine, health care, food and cosmetics industry. China is the world's largest producer of amino acids, but has very fewer innovative products. After years of extensive research of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, an innovative platform for amino acid-producing bacteria with independent intellectual property has been established.

Taking the transformation of technology as an example, the Principal Investigator Tingyi Wen from Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences said that, in medicine and health care industry, - alanine is a basic raw material for the syntheses of loxacin, vitamin B6 and many drugs, and also is widely used in health care products for alleviating a hangover and protecting liver. In food industry, - alanine is one of nine flavoring agents approved in Chinese standard GB2760-2014. Due to environmental and non-poisonous property, - alanine is applied gradually in daily chemical product.

Gao Fu, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences said that, to accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and effectively improve the independent innovation ability and competitive strength of enterprise, we can achieve the goal of “innovation drives development, technology leads the future”.

Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences is the largest comprehensive microbiology research institute in China, also is a microbiology professional institute with the most complete disciplines in China. Zhejiang Huge Leaf Co., Ltd. receiving technology transfer has a lot of experience in traditional chemical business-bio-fermentation field, and is high-tech enterprises supported by the state.

The two sides have also jointly established the Chinese Academy of Sciences- Huge Leaf Joint Laboratory for Biomedicine, to enhance our competitiveness in the field of biomedicine. The lab will carry out research and development of biomedical-related technologies and products in these aspects of prevention and control products of infectious disease, therapy method of tumor (immunization therapy, oncolytic virus), pharmaceutical amino acid production, control of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease and other human chronic diseases, intestinal microbe and health.




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