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IMCAS Initiated “One Belt and One Road” for Microbial Resources and Research Network
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A delegation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on “One Belt and One Road” (OBOR) microbial resource investigation visited Thailand from May 18 to 22, invited by the Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) and the Thailand Institute of Science and Technology Research (TISTR).


On May 19, the delegation visited BIOTEC and held a teach-in on Sino-Thai OBOR, which attracted more than 100 attendees from culture collection centers over Thailand.


At the teach-in, LIU Shuangjiang, Director-General of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS) introduced the integrated framework of OBOR for microbial resources and research network. WANG Zhenyu, Director of Division of International Organizations, CAS intensively explained related issues on CAS international cooperation.Dr. ZHOU Yuguang and Dr. MA Juncai introduced the Culture Collection Center of IMCAS and the Program of Global Catalogue of Microorganisms, respectively. Prof. BAI Fengyan presented a lecture with the topic “The Silk Road of Yeast”.


On that afternoon, Thai specialists introduced the Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), the Thailand Biological Research Center, and their research on yeast, lactic acid bacteria and insect-pathogenic fungi. The parties conducted in-depth discussion on future cooperation.


On the morning of May 20, the delegation visited TISTR and held a complete exchange on culture collection, big data of microbiology, and research of yeast. On the afternoon, the delegation visited the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand and held a conversation with the Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj, Vice Minister Saowanee Musidang, and specialists from BIOTEC and TISTR. Under the framework of OBOR strategic cooperation, the parties exchanged their views on promoting and advancing the Sino-Thai cooperation for science and technology, education, as well as technology transfer and transformation.


During the visit to Thailand, IMCAS signed a five-year comprehensive cooperation memorandum with BIOTEC and TISTR, respectively. All agreed to build joint research centers on big data of microbial resources including yeast, lactic acid bacteria and insect-pathogenic fungi.


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