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Lecture Series of Lichen Mycology
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Title: Lecture Series of Lichen Mycology

Presenter: Prof. David L. Hawksworth

University: The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom

Time: 14:30-15:30, SEP 18, 2016

Venue: Room C404, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Introduction: His research has focussed on fungal diversity, systematics, and nomenclature, especially of ascomycetes, lichen-forming fungi, and fungi that obligately occur on lichens. Current research involves the use of molecular phylogenetic (including microsatellites and haplotype networks) methods to resolving classifications, especially in macrolichens, co-evolution of lichenicolous fungi and their host lichens, and utilizing fungi in forensic investigations (with his wife, Professor Wiltshire) and environmental surveys. He continues to be involved in improving nomenclatural rules, to make them more pragmatic, and has served on the Editorial Committee for the last five editions of what is now the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants.

Professional Experience 

Honorary Research Associate, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2014 on.

Scientific Associate, The Natural History Museum, London, 2006 on.

President, International Union of Biological Sciences, 1994-97.

President, International Mycological Association, 1990-94; Honorary President, 1994 on.

President, British Mycological Society, 1990.

President, British Lichen Society, 1986-87.

Visiting Professorships in the Universities of Kent, London (Birkbeck and Royal Holloway), Reading, and Southampton, UK.

Editor-in-Chief, IMA Fungus, 2010 on.

Editor-in-Chief, Biodiversity and Conservation, 2006 on.

Executive Editor/Senior Editor, Mycological Research, 2000-09.

Book Review Editor, Mycotaxon, 2000-09.

Editorial Committee, International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, 1987 on.

Editor-in-Chief, Systematics Association Special Volumes, 1981-84, 1986.


CBE (Commander of the British Empire), 1996 [appointed by HM Queen Elizabeth II for "services to science"].

FD(hc) (Filosophie Hedersdoktor, Honorary Higher Doctorate, Umeå University, Sweden, 1996).

DSc (Leicester University), 1980

PhD (Leicester University), 1970.

BSc (Hons) (Leicester University), 1967.

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