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Industrializing Synthetic Biology - From Cures to Cosmetics to Fuels
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Title:Industrializing Synthetic Biology - From Cures to Cosmetics to Fuels
Presenter:Lishan Zhao, Ph.D. (赵立山)
UniversityAmyris, Inc. USA 


Host:Lixin, ZHANG Ph.DAbstract:Synthetic biology holds tremendous potential for addressing many of the world’s problems today in health, energy and environment.  For example, one of the landmark successes in the field is the recent commercialization of semi-synthetic artemisinin (青蒿素). However, it took approximately 10 years to develop an engineered yeast strain to produce artemisinic acid, the precursor for artemisinin, and scale up its manufacturing.  In order to successfully industrialize synthetic biology and realize the potential of a bio-based economy, the time and cost for engineering highly efficient microbial strains must be significantly reduced. In this seminar, I will highlight how we at Amyris developed synthetic biology technologies to change the way strains are engineered, and how these technologies have enabled us to successfully engineered yeast strains for the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, renewable chemicals and transportation fuels.  


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