Principal Investigator Positions atDepartment of Agricultural Microbiology & Biotechnology in IMCAS

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The Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS) was founded on December 3, 1958. It is a national comprehensive research institution that performs a wide spectrum of basic and applied research in the field of microbiology. Department of Agricultural Microbiology & Biotechnology focuses on exploration of molecular interactions between microbe and plant and development of creative biotechnology to promote plant disease resistance. For this purpose, typical crop diseases in China are employed as their study models, including virus diseases, rice bacterial blight, rice blast, verticillium wilt disease of cotton and black rot disease of crucifers.


The candidate should be a Chinese citizen. Meantime, the candidate needs to meet the following requirements:

1)     Ph.D degree holder, under 35 years old;

2)     Professional in plant pathogenic microbiology and having world-renowned achievements in virus, bacteria and fungi;

3)     More than 2 years’ research or applied research experience overseas;

4)     Published papers in international peer-reviewed journals;

5)     Competent to lead a research group;

6)     Innovative and a team player


1)    A full CV including a photo, educational background and academic achievement, etc.;

2)    Photocopies of graduate certificates, degrees, awarding certificates, etc.;

3)    2 Recommendation letters of world-renowned professors;

4)    3 representative papers;

5)    Work plan etc.

All the above documents should be sent by e-mail to: (cc to (please change “#” to “@” when sending emails).

Application deadline: December 31, 2010.