IMCAS Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

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The Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS) ushered the 60th anniversary on December 3, 2018, and held the celebration and a series of academic activities.


LIU Shuangjiang, Director-General of the institute, delivered a speech entitled with “Sixty Years’ Endeavor for the Innovating and Spanning of the Future”. He reviewed the 60 years’ brilliant process since the establishment of the institute, and traced back the historic steps of the development from the beginning.


WEI Jiangchun, ZHUANG Wenying and GAO Fu, the three academicians of the institute addressed to the meeting separately, they recalled their work and study life at the institute, expressed the deep emotion, and showed their hope and best wishes to the future development of IMCAS.


Ten of the staff who joined in the institute in 1958 were awarded the commemoration medal for working 60 years at IMCAS, marking their contribution they made for the institute. The date also celebrated the 60th anniversary of diamond wedding of Academician ZHENG Ruyong and her husband, Mr. HUANG He, a former researcher at IMCAS. All their old photos traced back their profound love, youth and their working days at the institute.


For the future summary on the past and future planning, the institute also held the strategy report meeting with the topic of “facing the future microbiology” and the evening party for the celebration, and arranged the Academic Meeting and the 60th Anniversary Youth Forum for the anniversary.


In the celebration days on December 3-4, the institute also held the “Picture Shows for the 60th anniversary celebration” and the “Major Achievement Exhibition for the 60th anniversary celebration”.


ZHAO Guoping, ZHANG Suojiang, ZHENG Yuguo, the academicians, IMCAS leading members, the directors from some CAS institutes in and out of Beijing and the old friends of the institute gathered in the institute. They looked back upon the history of IMCAS, discussed the future development and the responsibilities of the institute.



                              LIU Shuangjiang, Director-General, Delivers a Speech

                                LI Junxiong, Deputy Director-General, Delivers a Speech

                            Deputy Director-Generals at IMCAS: LI Yan, XIANG Hua, QIAN Wei

                                     WEI Jiangchun, CAS Academician, Delivers a Speech

                                  ZHUANG Wenying, CAS Academician, Delivers a Speech

                                        GAO Fu, CAS Academician, Delivers a Speech

                                             Picture Shows for IMCAS 60's Anniversary

                                          Picture Shows for IMCAS 60's Anniversary