China-Thailand Joint Laboratory on Microbial Biotechnology


On 19 October 2018, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and NSTDA President and officially launched the China-Thailand Joint Laboratory on Microbial Biotechnology. This Joint Laboratory will capitalize on the expertise of Chinese and Thai researchers to harness the power of microorganisms to develop solutions for global challenges.

China-Thailand Joint Laboratory on Microbial Biotechnology is a collaborative lab among three major research institutes in Thailand and China, namely the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) and the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), a member of NSTDA. The three institutes have been collaboratively engaging in research and development in microbial biotechnology fields for years, particularly in the area of microbial database establishment and management under the framework of World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) and the Asian Consortium for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Microbial Resources (ACM). The joint laboratory will further enhance the collaboration, especially on joint research in microbial biotechnology. In this initial stage, five joint research projects have been set up:

Yeast Evaluation and Biotechnology Application

High Value Compound from Microalgae and its Application

Exploration of Fungal Potential in Biotechnology

Synthetic Biotechnology for Biochemical Products

Microbial Big Data