Assistant Professor for FENG Jie’s Research Group at Institute of Microbiology

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Dr. FENG Jie’s group at State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources of IMCAS focuses on the research of diversity and dispersion of antibiotics resistance in environment, exploration of new mechanism of resistance in nonpathogen and mobile genetic element-associated transmission of antibiotic resistance determinants.

Position available: Assistant professor


1) Ph.D degree of microbiology (permanent resident of Beijing or 2010 graduate);

2) Research background of molecular genetics is preferred;

3) At least 1 paper as the first author in peer-reviewed journals;

4) Commitment to research, management skills and spirit of team work;

5) Good writing and communication skills in both Chinese and English


A full C. V. should be sent by e-mail to: (cc to (please change “#” to “@” when sending emails).

Application deadline: October 15, 2010