Research Positions Available in Dr. CHEN Jilong’s Laboratory

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Dr. CHEN Jilong’s laboratory at CAS Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology & Immunology, Institute of Microbiology focuses on the studies of molecular mechanisms of Abl oncogenes-mediated tumorigenesis (including the development of lymphoma/leukemia), regulation of cytokine signaling by oncogenes, signaling transduction pathways during T cell activation, antiviral immune signaling, and the roles of GTPases in antiviral and intracellular protein transport.

Now the laboratory has several open positions for assistant professor and postdoctoral researchers:


Assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher


Ph.D. degree of virology, tumor immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology or related area.

Spirit of team work and innovation.

High-quality publication on peer-reviewed journal is a plus.

Deadline for application: June 30, 2010

Please send your CV and contact information of two recommenders to Send a copy to if you apply the position of assistant professor. (change “#” to “@” when sending emails)