Principal Investigator,Professor : Molecular Enzymology Research Group

DONG Zhiyang
Address:NO.1 West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
1993-1995 INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY, Department of Enzymology, Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Beijing,CHINA.
●Postdoctoral in Enzymology and Glycoprotein
●Advisor :Prof.Zhang shuzheng
●Dissertation Title: Structure and Function of Glycoprotein- effecting of N-linked Oligosaccharide on the conformation and properties of Glucoamylase From Monascus rubiginosus.
1990-1993 BEIJING AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY, Department of plant biochemistry
●Ph.D in the Biology of Contractile protein.
●Advisor:Prof.Long-Fei Yan
●Dissertation title: Structure and Function of contractile protein from Physarum plasmodium
1985-1988 BEIJING AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY, Department of plant biochemistry
●Thesis Title: Immobilization of Papain
1981-1985 SICHUAN UNIVERSITY Department of Biology,Chengdu,Sichuan,China
●Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
●Advisor:Prof.Fan Kaiming
●Graduation Thesis Title: Study on blood Factor VIII
Work experience
2/96-present Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology, Department of Enzymology
●Associate Professor
●Studying chitinase and chitooligosaccharide preparation
●The highlight of research: Research on microbial enzyme gene cloning and expression, such as xylanase, cellulase, SOD, ?-glucosiase, ?-glucanase et.
●Metagenomic library construction from some special environment and enzyme gene screening from the library.
●Some importance industrial enzyme directed molecular evolution.
9/93-2/96 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology Department of Enzymology
●Studying the structure and function of the glycoprotien
●The highlight of research: Glucoamylase from Monascus rubiginosus had been found to exist in multiple glycoforms, the different glycosylation had induced different conformation of the protein, when the N-linked oligosaccharide of the protein had been removed by endo-H, the conformation of the protein had varied obviously.
●18th AMBO international Training Course,Tokyo, Japan,1995.
9/90-7/93 Beijing Agriculture University, Department of Plant Biochemistry
●Study on non-muscle contractile protein of Physarum plasmodium
●The highlight of research: I investigated some contractile proteins in Physarum plasmodium including actin、myosin and kinesin. This research proved that kinesin existed in Physarum plasmodium with western blot and the result showed that actin、myosin had play important role in the movement of Physarum plasmodium .
●S&T Progress Awards (second class) from Chinese high education commission (1997)
●Research grant from Chinese National Nature Science Foundation(2003)
●Research grant from Chinese National Programs for high Technology Research and Development (2003)
●Fellowship from the Graduate School of Beijing Agriculture University
●Fellowship from Asia Molecular Biology Organism
●Scholarship from Sichun University
The main research areas

The research works of this group is focused on some industrial enzyme from various microorganisms. Molecular technology had been used to get some enzyme gene from metagenomic liberary of extreme environment. Some importment enzyme gene had been found and been over-expressed for industrial application .

Key words: Xylanase,Cellulase,Metagenomic liberary

Background and Significance:

1) Cellulose-degrading enzymes research for biofuel production and feed.

2)Construction of metagenomic library from extreme environments and Screening for industrial enzyme genes.

3) high-efficient enzyme gene secretion expression system construction

4) Higher industrial enzyme productive engineering strain construction and

5) Study on the function and structure of archaeal chaperonin from Acidianus Tengchongeneses sp.S5

Major Achievements:

In the past year, the research works of this group has been supported by the fund of NSFC, “973” project from MOST, China , “863” project from MOST, China. Some important industry enzymes such as Xylanase,cellulase had been producted with over-expression recombinant strain and applied in feed, paper industry. A series of extreme environment metagenomic library including a rumen metagenomic BAC library had been constructed, a series of new gene of enzyme had been found in those library with HTS. A thermostability new enzyme gene had been screened by HTS. Some new archaeal chaperonin had been found in Acidianus Tengchongeneses sp.S5.A pilot plant for industial enzyme had been set up for production of xylanase, cellulase. Some enzymes had been applied successful in pulp manufacture and fuel enthanol production.

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