The 11th International Conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM11) and the 5th International Molecular Mycorrhiza Meeting (iMMM5)

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 About ICOM11 and iMMM5

Mycorrhizae, the plant-fungus symbiosis widely distribute in various terrestrial ecosystems, are critical to the evolution, ecology, and diversity of plants, fungi, and beyond. The 11th International Conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM11) and the 5th International Molecular Mycorrhiza Meeting (iMMM5) will be held as a hybrid (onsite and online) meeting from July 31 to August 5, 2022, in Beijing, China. International delegates attend the virtual conference by Zoom. Domestic delegates attend the onsite conference at Beijing.

At ICOM11 and  iMMM5, we will cover a broad range of research topics in mycorrhizal research including but not limited to: 

Mycorrhizal Omics 


Mycorrhiza & Global Change 

Molecular Biology & Physiology 

Mycorrhiza & Pollution 

Mycorrhizas in Restoration & Reforestation 

Mycorrhiza & Agriculture 

Community Ecology

Mycorrhizas in Ecosystems 

Evolution of Mycorrhizas  

Mycorrhizal Function

Edible Mushrooms

We hope to create a hotpot where scientists can put their research from different disciplines together, and aim to provide a platform to encourage young and creative scientists to start a great career by exchanging ideas and knowledge with other scientists from all over the world.

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